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  1. 1. A. I’ve got terrible BACKACHE from carrying lots of heavy shopping. B. I can’t really speak because of my sore THROAT C. I must go to the dentist. I’ve had TOOTHACHE for over a week now. D. Please turn that...

    2 Respuestas · Educación y Formación · 05-03-2014

  2. ... (RAISES) many different kinds of flowers in his garden . 2- The student (ROSE) from her seat and walked...prefer to be (LYING) on the beach right now instead of sitting in this class? 7. When alex (LAY) down to take...

    1 Respuestas · Sociedad y cultura · 03-11-2013

  3. ...39;t on the table. I looked (look) out of the window. A cat was sitting ( sit) on my garden wall and it was eating (eat) my ham. What could ( can) I do...

    4 Respuestas · Sociedad y cultura · 26-09-2013

  4. ... Rocker She's a sensation She's the one Sitting In My Room

    4 Respuestas · Música y Entretenimiento · 15-08-2013

  5. ...the exception. I am staying at the Hilton Garden Inn [location removed] for the week and handed... showed me that the bag was still sitting behind the front desk. More than 24 hours had elapsed...

    3 Respuestas · Sociedad y cultura · 06-06-2013

  6. ...sofa. Isn´t she lovely?..............para ahora :is sitting ......cuando una vez se sienta y otra... is growing/grows flowers not vegetables, in the garden .....he is growing :no hay que contar el tiempo...

    1 Respuestas · Sociedad y cultura · 07-04-2013

  7. la canción de Fool's Garden . I'm sitting here in the boring room - Aim siting jir in de boring...

    1 Respuestas · Música y entretenimiento · 12-11-2012

  8. I'm a real nowhere man sitting in my nowhere land making all my nowhere plans for nobody...! Beatlemaniacos saludos!

    8 Respuestas · Viajes · 17-05-2009

  9. 1. at the garden in summer 2. tabby the cat 3. tabbay can`t stay at home 4. that now it`s mine 5. she’ s pretty fast tabby is also nice, lovable, pretty, smart, and she’s mine.

    1 Respuestas · Educación y Formación · 18-02-2009

  10. ...because a girl found it in the street and when she saw me sitting in a park with my friends, she asked me if i would like...well with the dog, it spends all the day with the dog in the garden the and at night we must to put it in his house and close all...

    3 Respuestas · Educación y Formación · 24-02-2008

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