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  1. If I buy a book, I will read the book at home. If you cook the supper, I will wash the dishes. If he eats a sandwich in the kitchen, he will get fat. If he breaks a window, I will cry. If she drinks alcohol at home, she will not drive...

    1 Respuestas · Sociedad y Cultura · 11-05-2013

  2. If he will win the lottery, he will buy many candies.

    2 Respuestas · Sociedad y cultura · 12-05-2013

  3. In banking, it's reconciling the the till or the ATM at the end of the day. In sports, it's becoming even in ranking.

    1 Respuestas · Sociedad y cultura · 06-09-2011

  4. ... palabra castellana de origen inglés. Aunque balompié es un sinónimo de fútbol, ha quedado...

    6 Respuestas · Sociedad y Cultura · 04-03-2008

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